Statyczne głowice myjące UAC - zakres produktów dostępny w esklepie


1 2 2 2 3 2 4 15 16 1



m3/h / 1bar
min. 1,20 / max. 49,1

cf/h / 15psi
min. 42,4 / max. 1734


Stal nierdzewna AISI 316L s.s.
Hastelloy C276
Titanium Gr2

Sposób mocowania

Żeński BSPP – NPT
1/8″ -1-1/4″

Statyczne głowice myjące UAC

UAC series spray balls are manufactured out of solid stainless steel bars and feature high wall thickness for maximum service life, excellent resistance to damages from impact and superior efficiency. In fact their wall thickness allows to obtain water outlet orifices with the ideal geometry to maximize the efficiency of the water jets, that is the ideal orifice length/orifice diameter ratio. This is of course not possible when the ball body is obtained from stamped steel sheet.

In 2016, Standard DIN 11866 gathered some of the most important standards regarding inox pipes. Some of our products can already couple to pipes respondent to these standards. Pipes with dimensions in compliance with obsolete standards are very common, therefore they are still produced without problems by PNR Italia. We are also available to guarantee the connection with every pipe that has a thickness within the standard values. In the following table you can find the dimension we can provide. UAC cw 40 rev1UAC cw 50 rev1UAC cw 65 rev1UAC cw 90 rev1



UAC dimension
Clip-onDT UAC clip     ThreadedDT UAC thread
Stal nierdzewna AISI 316L s.s.
Hastelloy C276
Titanium Gr2

UAC l bar rev1

UAC l bar rev1

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